Here is version 2 of our differential swerve (find version one here)! This version is quite different(ial):

  • The 5204 motors have such a long shaft that the bottom motor gear started skipping gears. Therefore we started using a lower baseplate with the mounting for the pod higher up. We also made the baseplate thicker (from 3mm to 7.4mm) and from wood.
  • The lower baseplate means we can use 5203 motors.
  • The gear connecting to the wheel is significantly smaller so the wheel spins faster. This means more ground clearance and more speed, but less power. This is the reason we’re using 19.2:1 motors instead of 5.2:1 motors. We believe the 13.7:1 motors are even better for this model but we don’t have those.

If this won’t load, you can find the model here!