Stanislascollege Westplantsoen has two FTC teams, Stanislas Tech Team (STT) and Stanislas Tech Academy (STA). We have a unique system unlike other Dutch schools with multiple teams: STA (Academy) is a rookie-team made up from students competing in FTC for the first time, whilst STT (team) is made up from the more experienced students competing for a second or even third year. This generally means that STA gets to experiment and learn for a year before they really try to get the highest rankings possible and that STT can help them with the learning curve. STT, on the other hand, is used to the competition and generally attempts more ambitious projects (odometry pods and swerve drive being good examples) so they’re really able to show their expertise to get to the World Championships.

Having two teams is also the reason why, for some social icons, there are two links on our site. We are still working on a way to make the team more visible so you know which icon to click on.

The team numbers do stick to the members, not the teams so 18859 and 18710 swap between being STA & STT. This is sometimes mildly confusing, especially when looking at official rankings that are tied to a team’s number, but we like having only one number to identify yourself with.